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Question [15 Mar 2006|01:22pm]

I know they have swords in this world, so they must have forges. What is used to heat the forges, do you think? Normally, something hotter than wood would be used, so I don't think they could use firesticks.

Ideas? I don't recall if it was said, but I know you guys know the world better than I do.
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Huh? [01 Jan 2006|09:54pm]

[ mood | confused ]

So, some of you may see me in and out of other communities, mostly book-related, and in all the Sherwood Smith communities I am seeing this desparatefans group name coming up. I'm lost. So far I can tell it is an RPG of sorts (Which I love) but I'm not sure how it works... been surfing around trying to figure it out. Can someone fill me in...?


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Read this, I beg of you. [02 Oct 2005|02:36pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hey there.

As you probably know, I am a member of the literary roleplaying community desperatefans. We have relatively few (five) CCD characters there (and are always looking for more).

Anyway, I'm looking for someone who may be willing to play Branaric, as the person who plays him is looking to give him up, but isn't going to do it until someone is willing to adopt him.

If you are interested or know someone who is, please contact me here or at anotherday03@msn.com, and I'll get you in touch.

Thank you!

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hello [18 Sep 2005|01:06am]

Hi, I'm new.
I first got the Court Duet (what I have taken to calling the pair), 3 years ago when I was down visiting relatives in Vancouver and I had nothing to read.
So my aunt bought me those books.
Wow, these are two of my favorite fantasy books ever!!!
((And I am a complete Vidanric fangirl))
((And I live outside a place called Savona))
Remalna is love!

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[24 Jun 2005|06:33pm]

OMG! Look! *facepalm* See! It's me! And I forgot about this! Note - I am an idiot.

Danric is our king


A good info site is Colorwoods. I'll come and edit this post when I find it, I had it bookmarked but...well, it's not there anymore. Nothing is, of course.

Also, wrong place, but I'm the owner so HA : spoil_me_hpb HP Half-Blood Prince community I'm supposed to pimp. So there.
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[01 Jun 2005|10:21pm]


You, my friends, are here to join this "community." I have been appointed your leader by lamentable_mess, who seems to think since I am the King of Remalna I should be in this world, as well. This does not bother me.

We are here to express love for my book, Crown Duel, and the brilliant author who created me, Sherwood Smith.

So for the love of Fire Sticks, man, join!
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